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Due to the dynamic changes in technology, travel and hospitality sectors have been forced to change how they operate to maximize customer satisfaction. Customers are now looking for a digital and smart way in which they can make travel plans and bookings. Pithline offers you the perfect solutions to make sure that the customer experience you deliver is enhanced.

In the travel and hospitality sector, it is very necessary to find something that will give you an edge over your competition. You should hence constantly transform as technology transforms to keep up with competition and stay relevant in the market. Our team of experts will help you achieve this through solutions that are cost effective. Our solutions and services are tailor made to ensure that everyone in this sector improves their business efficiency and customer experience.


Pithline offers a wide range of solutions to various sectors in travel and hospitality.

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Pithline team of experts will develop and deploy business process management software for your enterprise that will help in;

  • Making hotel and restaurant reservations
  • Track orders for improved customer satisfaction
  • Monitor and manage the purchase process
  • Advance travel agents

With the increased competition in the hospitality sector, customers are becoming very choosy about the hospitality service provider to select. To ensure that you increase your clientele base, you should make sure that you improve on the customer experience and also improve your brand.

Pithline has the technical expertise needed to ensure that you gain an edge over your competition through enhanced customer experience. Some of the solutions we will provide include;

  • Mobility solutions to improve accessibility
  • Cloud solutions to improve connectivity
  • Improving customer experience
  • Enhancing business intelligence.

The widespread use of Smartphones has made it necessary for travel and hospitality sectors to adopt mobility solutions to enhance accessibility of their services. We help you achieve mobility through;

  • Enabling mobile payment services
  • Enhancing mobile booking
  • Incorporating a self service solution
  • Offering rewards and coupons
  • Gamification of processes to improve customer engagement.
  • Adopt digital navigation tools.

Pithline also offers the technical expertise you will need to improve security of your data and enterprise. We help you secure your workplace by providing technology that will help in;

  • Managing and monitoring your company logs.
  • Keeping your files secure
  • Detecting malware
  • Mitigating the IT risk
  • Securing your Applications
  • Managing user experience
  • Securing your database.

Hotels also need to transform their service offerings. Pithline offers restaurants with enterprise application solutions that will;

  • Enhance the booking process
  • Transform the process of ordering food.
  • Adoption of kitchen kiosks
  • Adoption of Menu kiosks
  • Applications for waiters and cashiers with receipts and card payment transactions support devices.


We offer customer satisfaction solutions for the travel and hospitality sector. These solutions are tailored to improve the experience of customers. Our team of experts will offer you with the digital means that you will need to learn more about your customers to offer exceptional services. Due to the increased competition in this sector, you should provide services that will improve your brand.

Pithline will offer you with mobility solutions that will improve on the accessibility of your services. Through the increased use of Smartphones, you should ensure that you develop applications that customers can use to enhance their convenience. With our mobility solutions, you are assured of enhanced service delivery.

We offer you with security solutions to your enterprise applications. We ensure that your enterprise is secured through technological advancements. Pithline ensures that your files and logs are monitored and well managed. We also make sure that your enterprise applications are shielded from malware and that threats are eliminated.

We also offer various analytics that will help you make more informed decisions. These will help you in auditing and data management. This solution will ensure that you increase profitability and that also reduce costs.

Pithline will also offer you with a platform that will enable customers to access all your services in one platform. This is through the development of applications that will make it easier for customers to access everything in one place from the enquiries and booking to post service offerings.


  • By employing our services and solutions, you are assured of more customer satisfaction. This is through the adoption of models that will enhance customer engagement and ensure that customers can access your services wherever they are.
  • Our wide range of solutions will make sure that you remain cost effective. This is through the seamless integration of processes and operations. Adopting technological solutions can be costly to an enterprise but with Pithline, you will be able to cut on some costs since you will get everything under one platform.
  • We also ensure you of increased revenues. This is y cutting on costs that accumulate through lack of technology. We will help you stop the leakages that occur during business operations.
  • By transforming your enterprise digitally, you are assured of improved business efficiency. This is through the streamlining of your processes. Mobility solutions and digitalization, your operations are enhanced.
  • We also help you gain a competitive edge over your competition. This is through enhanced customer satisfaction. A digitally transformed enterprise will also help you to handle competition.
  • Through Pithline services and solutions, you will be able to discover growth opportunities that you can explore. This will be achieved through helping you compete in a global and dynamic market. Our analytics solutions will also help you grow your enterprise.
  • Travel agents will also benefit from improved productivity as they will get more customers by having a digital way that they can offer services.


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