Technological advancements in today’s market place have made it a necessity for retailers to transform and adopt digital frameworks. Customers today are willing to settle for the retailers who will them a digital experience. As an enterprise in this sector, you should ensure that you have an edge over your competition through adopting technological transformations.

Our team of experts at Pithline will work hand in hand with you to ensure that that you provide your customers with a great buying experience. We will offer tailor made solutions and services that will propel your retail business to the next level. We ensure that you improve the customer experience and at the same remain cost effective. This is through adoption of technologies like cloud computing, analytics, mobility and IOT.


Omnichannel In-house transformation Customer insightsIoTSecurity and infrastructure

We offer you with a technological approach to sales where you offer a seamless shopping experience for customers who are either shopping online or in-house. When your retail business engages in more than one channel, you should ensure that you adopt a digital strategy for improved business efficiency. At Pithline, we help you offer a seamless shopping experience through;

  • Personalizing your Omnichannel for better customer experience
  • Improving CRM and having a platform where you can access customer feedback
  • Improve mobility through enabling e-commerce
  • Assessing your Omnichannel to ensure it works efficiently

As a retailer, you should ensure that you enhance the experience of the customers who shop in the premises. This is through transforming your retail store technologically to offer digital savvy customers with a great shopping experience. With a digital in-house transformation, you are assured of increased sales. Pithline has services and solutions that will help you to;

  • Incorporate of a digital advisory sales platform
  • Adopt great digital displays and endless aisles
  • Adopt experiential kiosks to improve customer engagement
  • Engage your customers actively through all the stages of purchase to feedback
  • Monitor the performance of your sales staff through a key performance index
  • Use technologies to enhance digital displays.

When you have better understanding of your customers, you are able to make more informed decisions that will help you acquire new customers and retain your existing customers. Pithline expertise will offer you with services and solutions that will provide;

  • Marketing analytics to promote your products and services
  • Segmentation of customers to meet specific needs
  • Dynamic pricing strategies

Pithline team of experts offers the following IoT services and solutions;

  • Retail checkout automation
  • Analytics of stock and inventory in real time
  • Point of sale devices and boxes
  • Store monitoring that will help you track your stock and devices
  • Monitoring of the supply chain process
  • Assess the capacity of your enterprise to handle IoT
  • CRM that will improve customer experience
  • Adoption of digital vending solutions

As a retail enterprise, you should ensure that you maintain the security of your workplace. We also adopt digital infrastructure that will help you make more informed decisions. Pithline offers services and solutions in;

  • Maintaining the security of your applications, servers and website
  • Maintaining the security of your enterprise data
  • Maintaining the security of your analytics platform
  • Maintain security for your mobility solutions
  • Incorporate IT enabled store infrastructure


Pithline team of experts offers analytics solutions for your enterprise data. With an analytic solution that can handle voluminous business data, you will be able to make more informed decisions.

We offer you with retail supply chain management solutions that will help you to better maintain your inventory. This will help you monitor the cash flows of your business and improve on your service delivery. A good supply chain system is very essential for the success of every enterprise.

Our team of skilled experts will also offer you with security solutions for your enterprise data. As a retailer, it is very important to ensure that your applications, websites and servers are secured to reduce the risk of threats. As a retailer, you should ensure that you secure your shopper’s information, store associates information and your logs.

We provide you with an Omnichannel solution that will transform your retail business in terms of availability of products and increased sales. You will be able to improve your customer experience through the development of multiple channels where your products and services can be accessed.

Our service offerings will also offer you solutions in customer relationship management. This is achieved through IoT and customer insights. Segmentation will help you better satisfy customer needs and digital adoption will help you attract new customers.


  • By employing our services, you will be able to ease the shopping experience of your customers. This is through the adoption of an Omnichannel strategy to enhance the availability of your product. You will also be able to improve the purchase process from the ordering stage to returns and feedback
  • Our services and solutions will help you gain a competitive edge over other retailers. This is achieved through the adoption of technological solutions and digital strategies.
  • Our different services will also help you increase your enterprise revenues. This is through a seamless purchase process and better management of stock. The attraction and retaining of customers will also contribute to this.
  • As a retail business, you will be able to maintain high performance scores in terms of customer satisfaction. This is through digital transformations that will offer you customer insights that will help you make better decisions on how you can improve service deliver. With CRM, you will retain customers and increase your clientele base.
  • Every retail business has the ultimate goal of maximizing profitability. With Pithline’s services and solutions, you will be able to adopt various strategies that will enhance business efficiency. This will enable you to increase your profit margins.


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