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Digital transformation and technology have been well incorporated in the private sector due to the need to keep up with competition in that sector. The public sector however also has the need to transform technologically. Advancements in technology have created the need for the public sector to find new ways of interacting with their citizens. This is because citizens shift with new technology. Government agencies are therefore being forced to adopt technology to better meet the needs of their citizens.

Citizens want a government that will be organized around them. This means that modern technology should be used to do away with the traditional complicated bureaucracy systems, and that services should be readily accessible when needed. Digitalization will improve the functionality of the government agencies and also help in building trust and dependency with their citizens.

Public sectors are faced with the challenge of having tighter budgets that make it hard for them to adopt effective technological solutions. Pithline however ensures that the public sector is digitally transformed in a cost effective way. Our services and solutions will also accommodate the huge number of users in this sector.


Pithline offers services and opportunities that provide the very best solutions to the public sector. It achieves this by incorporating the modern technologies.

AutomationBlockchainAnalyticsEnterprise application

This represents the technologies that have been set up to serve automatically. It makes work easier by doing activities such as interpretation and providing chat bots for the purpose of interaction between members of the public sector as well as other stake holders in the sector. It includes the following:

  • AIML- Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning
  • IOT- Internet of Things

This is a decentralized system of keeping ledger used by Pithline to transform government services by means of exponential technologies. This is used to create and establish interactions. Examples of this system include:

  • IBM

Pithline offers analytical services to the customers in the public sector making it easy for them to operate. It does this by going through all forms of data within its mandate and implementing the end to end services.

Where Pithline takes the emerging technologies and uses them in the effort to achieve visions and missions of the public sector. It delivers digitized applications to the enterprise by fashioning them into the following:

  • Modernization of legacy applications
  • ERP services where they implement end to end services with the help of mechanisms such as –
  • Microsoft dynamics 365
  • Oracle
  • SAP


Automation of the public sector services will not only ensure that they can better meet the needs of their citizens but it will also improve the quality of their services. Automation will also enhance business efficiency and optimize the operational costs.

Blockchain incorporation in the keeping of ledger on accounts regarding daily transactions gives the department responsible an easy time keeping account of cash transactions. This makes accounting and auditing easy, accurate and less tedious. With such a technology, there is enhanced transparency that lacks in the public sector.

Analytic solutions will ensure that you can make better use of the massive data in the sector. By analyzing data and giving the assumptions and ripe final information to the public sector, we ensure that you do not go wrong when it comes to making decisions. This solution will also provide you with insights that will help you improve on the service delivery.

Enterprise applications come in when a digitized public sector is transformed by the modernization of legacy applications. This makes the efforts of meeting goals, visions and missions easier and more attainable because technology makes work easier. When these processes are digitized, paperwork is reduced significantly and this translates to reduced costs as well as manpower.

We also provide you with solutions that will enhance the process of revenue collection in the public sector. We have strong domain expertise that will leverage modern technologies and incorporate automations to ensure that this process is effective. This is an important process for any government sector and hence you should ensure that citizens can easily access the service and expand the tax network.


  • Our set of services and solutions will ensure that you improve on your service delivery. This is achieved through digital solutions that enhance the quality of services that you offer. Relevant customer insights will also provide you with a means by which you can improve on your services by recognizing weak points and monitoring the behavior of your citizens.
  • Using Blockchain to keep the ledger accounts is beneficial to the public sector because in the event of any random audits or any form of investigation, there is always something you can use as evidence of transactions. The public sector is characteristically subject to numerous government investigations and this means that there is need to keep clear and accurate records.
  • Having someone that handles all the numbers and details is very advantageous particularly for a system that is as big as the public sector. By handling your analytical work, we leave you with more time to handle other business processes. It also improves on the accuracy of the results you get from data analysis.
  • Another benefit of digitizing the public sector services is that it reduces operational costs, human resource and the overall workload. Maintaining cost effectiveness is crucial as it will enable you to better increase revenues and put revenues to better use.
  • By using our digital solutions, you will be able to achieve better results in a minimal amount of time. Digital solutions also help you to dynamically grow and maintain scalability. This is through the streamlining of the various processes and
  • Pithline will also ensure that you are able to better manage and monitor the revenue collection process. This is an important process for any public sector and our digital solutions will ensure that this process remains transparent and easily accessible to citizens.
  • Manual errors in the public sector are rampant due to the large size of data and numerous users. Our digital solutions will help you to reduce these errors.


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