Continuous technological changes have been a major challenge to large and small businesses. With technological advancements, it has become difficult for businesses to keep up and exploit opportunities opened up by new technology. Technological advancements force businesses to change their products to ensure that they remain at par with technology to ensure that your product continues selling. Pithline has brought the ideal solution to the technological challenge facing businesses. We work hand in hand with businesses to ensure that they gain a competitive advantage by helping them make use of new technology to improve their software products. We will develop a more innovative product that will enable you to keep up with change and meet your customers’ needs. This will not only help you retain your initial customers but you will also gain access to new markets where you will acquire more customers hence growing your business.


Product testingProduct designMaintenance and support
  • We analyze the product to ensure that it is compatible with different devices.
  • We carry out a security test on the developed product to ensure that it is not prone to any cyber attacks.
  • We also test the product functionality to deduce if it delivers the value that it is intended.
  • We conduct market research when developing your product to determine its viability.
  • We develop prototypes of your product to establish their functionality and possibility of additional features.
  • We adopt digital technological features on your product to improve performance and competitiveness.

    We offer frequent upgrades on your software products to accommodate changes in operating systems.

  • We will measure the level of usage of your products by clients and also analyze any complaints arising from the users.
  • We also manage any changes in your product content and also integrate any third party certifications.


One of the solutions we offer to our customers is ensuring that your products or the products you offer your customers are up to date with technological trends. We work around your software products to develop products that are current and customer focused. The product engineering process at Pithline will add more innovation to the products you are offering by embracing new technology and current models.

At Pithline we will enable you exploit new opportunities presented by advanced technology. Technology not only poses a challenge but it also opens up new markets and niches that you can explore as you grow your product. We will hence offer you a solution that will enable you turn technology from a challenge to an opportunity that you can take advantage of and grow your business.

We will ensure that you are able to solve your competition problem by developing products that remain competitive in the market. For a software product business, having a product that is not current will make you lose your clientele base. Since your competition will ensure that they develop current products, being left behind can be drastic for your business. Pithline will ensure that you do not get left behind by helping you develop innovative products and offering support throughout the stages of product development.

We also have a large team of well trained, skilled and professional experts who will work hand in hand with you to develop and grow your product. These professionals will offer technological guidance to ensure that the innovations you choose are those that will grow your product according to your business niche. We ensure that we put in a lot of time and effort to provide our clients with innovative products that will meet their requirements and meet the needs of their customers. We understand the need for software product businesses to develop the right products that will better fulfill their needs. Here at Pithline, we guarantee to deliver secure products that will not only meet your current needs but also your future needs.

You can seek our product engineering services throughout the whole cycle of product development. Whether you want support in the pre-development stage to help you come up with a current model, or whether you want support in your post-development stage to help you improve your product, Pithline will guide you every step of the way. At Pithline, we can build your product from the beginning or add more innovations to your already existing product or framework.


  • By employing our services, you are guaranteed of more customer satisfaction. You are able to offer services that will better meet changing customer needs. We will not only help you meet the current needs, but we will help you develop products that will meet your customers future needs. This will ensure that customers are able to rely more on your business.
  • At Pithline, we will assist you in developing a more innovative product that will ensure you will increase your company revenues by being able to explore new markets while at the same time remaining cost effective.
  • We also conduct a feasibility study on the developed product to make sure that it is cost effective and that you have the technical manpower and resources needed to develop and maintain the product. This will be beneficial to you as it will ensure that you develop a product that will bring in more solutions and benefits to your enterprise.
  • Pithline also ensures that the product engineering process is tailor made towards the unique needs of our every client. As a software product business, you get the assurance that what we come up with has a high lifespan and is more feasible with your business.
  • Pithline also carries out product testing to every product innovation that we develop. This hence assures you of high quality and dependable products. We also ensure that we carry out compliance tests to your product which include safety and environment tests to give your business more credibility among your customers.
  • In the case of already existing products, we help you improve these products by incorporating more technological innovations and advancements. We ensure that you come up with optimized and efficient products.


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