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Our Proficiency

At Pithline, we have walked the journey with our customers to help them achieve cost effectiveness, flexibility and help them be future oriented. This is through our open source consulting and implementation services and solutions. Our Open source solutions, services and platforms are pre-built and are ready to be integrated into your enterprise.

We have deep domain expertise in Open Source and this gives us the ability to deliver to our clients exactly what they are looking for. Open Source solutions is what every industry segment should be looking for to ensure that they are able to steer their business towards excellence.

Our Thoughts

What You Gain With Open Source Software in Your Enterprise

A lot of servers, computers, Smartphones and other electronic devices are being powered by Open Source operating systems. There are also a number of software packages that depend on various Open Source software licenses. Due to the many benefits that this service offers, enterprises are now adopting Open Source software for their projects even for the mission critical projects.

Reasons for Open Source

  • Open source is a very economic model. Due to uncertainties in the economy that have prevailed in the recent years, enterprises have begun adopting this model. With organizations and businesses cutting on their costs, they have found Open Source to be a solution since there are no upfront license fees that are needed to be paid. This is hence a technology solution that will guarantee you of lowered operational and business costs and hence business excellence.
  • Many enterprises are also shifting to cloud solutions. For this reason, there is a rise in the need for Open Source software since it is a model that works well with various cloud solutions.
  • Open source software offers more security to enterprises. For this reason, there is the need for organizations to adopt this technology as security has become a very crucial thing that every enterprise should uphold. As denoted from its name, open source software will offer more open processes which will lead into guaranteed and enhanced security for every stakeholder of your enterprise.

How Open Source Software Works

You get to know if your software is Open Source software if the source code is readily available for free, not in terms of price but rather in terms of liberty. It should also have no restrictions whatsoever and hence you should be able to incorporate changes, fix bugs and carry out other modifications.

There are any key players that are involved in the Open Source community. Some include the developers and product support vendors. There are also the software service providers that also provide enterprises with various solutions using Open Source. This is where we as Pithline come in. With our domain knowledge and experience, we will offer you various solutions and services using Open Source software that will help you achieve the desired business excellence scores.

What We Offer

1. Open Source Advisory and Consulting

We offer guidance to our customers to give them strategies and insights on how they can benefit from Open Source. We mainly focus on helping you to achieve more innovation and achieve improved business value. We conduct and analysis and offer recommendations on how Open Source can be used to offer more excellence to your business. We will then provide you with a roadmap conduct offer strategies and architecture that will help you achieve maximum benefits.

2. Customer Management

This is an offering that offers enterprises with useful customer insights that will help enterprises to improve customer experience. This offering makes use of technologies like analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning to give enterprises with real time insights.

How Various Industries Will Benefit From Open Source

All industry segments can benefit from Open Source software. Each of them can gain from the wide array of benefits that Open Source has to offer and hence enabling them to achieve improved business excellence and higher revenue streams. Some examples of how some industry segments can benefit with Open Source include;

1. Manufacturing

Open Source software is the future of smart manufacturing. With Open Source software, manufacturers will be able to meet the needs of the global market through optimal product development and also help to eradicate inefficiencies in manufacturing. With the insights this technology offers, this industry will be able to improve their customer experiences and also help them to realize how they can improve operational efficiency.

2. Automotive industry

Open Source is software that enables innovation. Many players in the automotive industry are now resulting into using Open Source to help them incorporate various core technologies for example the infotainment systems. This software is enabling this industry to remain cost effective and they are able to focus more resources towards product innovation.

Benefits of Open Source Software

  • Reduced costs. There is no upfront license fees needed which lowers operational costs.
  • It will provide you with improved revenue streams.
  • Open Source software has no restrictions to modifications and this gives enterprises more flexibility to customize the software according to their preferences.
  • With Open Source software, you will be able to gain interoperability. This enables enterprises to integrate different products from different vendors.
  • Open source software also offers you more security.
  • You will also be able to achieve higher speeds as it is software that delivers value right away.
  • When you have implemented Open Source software in your enterprise, you become more prepared for the future since most of the future IT infrastructure will be based on Open Source.
  • With Open Source insights, you are able to get customer insights that will help you to improve customer experience.


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