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The media and entertainment industries are closely related. This means that they are affected by almost similar factors. These two industries can easily operate hand in hand because they both have a common purpose which is to provide relaxation and entertainment. This therefore means that they have to actually reach and appeal to their target audience if they are to maintain their relevance. Participants in these two industries are expected to remain updated at all times if they are to survive. This means that they should be abreast at all times in terms of technological advancements as well as knowledge of what is selling at any point in time.

With Pithline’s digitalization strategy, the media and entertainment industries will experience the kind of transformation that it actually takes to do well in this day and age where things move incredibly fast.

Pithline offers digital solutions to the media and entertainment industries with the aim of transforming the two industries, individually or simultaneously so much so that they will be able to serve their purpose through the easiest or simplest means possible which will prove relevant when factors such as outreach, costs, throughput and even volume are considered.


Pithline employs strategies and working systems that are solution oriented. The principle is to present the two concerned industries as an organized fun, next generation items, which are educative as well as informative. Pithline offers the likes of:

Cloud infrastructureAI&MLEnterprise mobilityDocument services

This incorporates practices that serve to sell the business to the outside world. It capitalizes on spreading the word as well as making sure that product knowledge is constantly updated to the expectant masses or audience. Some of the industry segments featured includes;

  • Advertising which is basically direct marketing and by extension, asset management solutions.
  • Broadcasting which capitalizes in elevating target audience response and interaction/ engagement.
  • Gaming aimed at getting customer experience for purposes of evaluating opportunities and establishing revenue models.
  • Filmed entertainments to propel transformation while at the same time regulate legacy business models.

This is basically artificial intelligence markup language designed to actually provide a platform of interaction. It makes use of:

  • Chat bots to ask queries and get responses.
  • Bleeding edge technologies that provide solutions.

This features the efforts taken to in collaboration with the cloud infrastructure, which is meant to ensure that industry activities are not limited to one place. IT makes use of the following:

  • Music which constitutes of talent and expertise geared towards digital transformation and grow to capture new markets.
  • Filmed entertainment fashioned to steer transformation while at the same time regulate legacy business models.

This is meant to help participants in the media and entertainment industries to introduce their personalized content in soft copy models through digital channels. The document services provision features:

  • Printing
  • Publishing


Active involvement and steering the digital transformation of contents using automation, platforms such as the one featuring AIML and also digital solutions, Pithline helps media and entertainment industries address the challenges that feature in the digitized global content industry which is evidently growing. This enhances content transformation.

AIML creates an avenue for interaction making it possible to share customer experiences and evaluate the progress being made by other participants, as well as the challenges they encounter and ways through which they have made it work with Pithline’s digital transformation solutions.

Enterprise mobility through music and filmed entertainment is instrumental in breaking the geographical barrier that limits performance. This is helpful particularly in building and establishing featured artists in relation to the quality of the content they come up with. An appreciation for talent, hard work and expertise is paramount in the sector.

The document services offered by Pithline help the print and publish companies in their efforts to deliver even the more personalized content via digital means. With the current digital world, you have to ensure that as a publishing company, you have a digital offering for your services to enhance sales and keep you relevant.

Cloud infrastructure is instrumental in spreading the gospel of media and entertainment to the world. This is significant when matters to do with costs and throughput in the overall sense are considered. Cloud infrastructure will also help you to better connect with your customers.


  • The involvement of Pithline digital solutions in regards to industry transformation is beneficial in the coverage sense. This is because it is able to accommodate diversity. The two industries- media and entertainment,- are intertwined in one way or the other and therefore showcasing them together gives them a more economical sense because they are complimentary.
  • Through cloud infrastructure it is easier to do marketing because of the common pool. Pithline therefore helps the industries achieve far more than they would if they did their marketing in an analog sense. The economic sense is therefore highlighted. Moreover, a lot is achieved through the digital means in a considerably short period of time.
  • In line with the fact that the media and entertainment industry is massive, it would actually take a lot of effort to actually get things done. Pithline simplifies everything; right from document processes, content transformation, and interaction between content producers and the target audience and basic things such as advertising and broadcasting which tend to be tedious and cost consuming because of the need to virtually or physically push the content into the market as termed by artists in the concerned industries.
  • Artificial Intelligence Machine learning as used by the Pithline solutions towards transformation breaks the language barrier that is characteristic during efforts to make contents produced available in an international sense. This program is able to do translations so that every language is accommodated. This is beneficial because it makes the media and entertainment industries limitless. People from all parts of the world can participate and enjoy the fruits of these industries regardless the language they speak.
  • Through Pithline digital transformation, it is possible for content producers to get direct feedback from the target audience. The views, likes, dislikes, downloads and most especially the comments following certain specific uploads can be instrumental in building the producers or artists to a more acceptable and loveable sense in terms of quality and material that the respondents find entertaining or rather, likeable.


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