Due to the developments and constant growth that is happening in the global market, it has become a necessity for industries to transform. The manufacturing sector has to carry out innovations to remain competitive and relevant. Pithline offers the expertise that you need to scale up your business and switch to producing products that will satisfy your customers. We will create a model that is proactive to the consumer needs, flexible and scalable.

When a manufacturing company adopts technology in the manufacturing processes, they are able to transform their organizations digitally. When first adopting a digital solution, adjusting may take some time but gradually, the solution will begin to take effect. At Pithline we will walk with you every step of the way from adoption to the final stage to ensure that the solution delivers maximum benefits. In order to get the most out of the digital solutions, you should ensure that you have the right technology, technical expertise and you have the right process. This will ensure that you achieve maximum benefits.


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Most of the industrial manufacturers are still using traditional models to operate their processes. However, with the modern economic world, these industries should adopt digital transformations to remain competitive. At Pithline, we help manufacturers achieve this by providing improved communication methods and technologically advanced detectors that will enable you to observe consumer behavior patterns. We transform industrial manufacturing companies through;

  • Cloud solutions.
  • IoT
  • Enhancing customer experience.
  • Upgrading the analytics process.
  • Connected devices.
  • Automation and B2B integration.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Process industries are facing the most challenges as compared to other manufacturing sectors. Some of the challenges that they face include dynamic world economies, increased competition, constantly changing prices among others. This sector also has to ensure consistent connection and collaboration with their intermediaries. At Pithline, we understand these challenges and hence we help you solve the through;

  • Cloud solutions.
  • Enhance CRM
  • Automations and B2B integrations.
  • Develop a digitally transformed industry.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Improve the analytics.
  • Connected devices.

The major challenge that is facing many electronic manufacturers is that they have to continuously upgrade their products add more innovations to ensure that they can keep up with competition. As an electronic manufacturer you have to ensure that you keep up with evolving customer needs while at the same time remain profitable. Pithline helps electronic manufacturers through;

  • Improving CRM.
  • Cloud solutions
  • Incorporation of proper analytics.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Connected devices.
  • Internet of Things.
  • B2B integrations and automation.


Pithline will offer you with a supply chain management solution. This is a major process for any enterprise and we will ensure that the process runs smoothly. We will help you enhance connectivity with all those involved in your supply chain and ensure that goods are delivered to consumers on time.

We also ensure that you have connected and streamlined processes. We will provide you with a solutions that will help you better monitor and manage processes from planning, warehousing, storage and distribution.

We offer manufacturing services advisory solutions to different industries. We will guide you on the various steps that you can take to digitally transform your company so that you may improve your connectivity and collaboration. Our team of experts will ensure that they carefully analyze your industry and processes to come up with the perfect solution that will revolutionalize business. Pithline will ensure that you get maximum value addition.

We provide analytics solutions that will help you make more informed decisions in your enterprise. We will better manage and process your massive data to help you realize growth opportunities.

With those that are in electronic and Hi-tech manufacturing, Pithline also has you covered. This is a sector that is continuously advancing in terms of customer demands. We help you meet these demands in a proactive manner by applying detectors and enhancing communication. This will be achieved through our business intelligence solutions. It will ensure that you are providing products that will give you a competitive edge.

We also provide you with a platform that will offer CRM solutions. We achieve this through the incorporation of Cloud to ensure that you can easily monitor your customer behavior. This will transform your industry in terms of the services that you deliver. You will be able to deliver better services that will meet the customer demands and that are competitive.

We also offer you with a virtualization solution for your customers. Customers are technologically advanced and they need to get a product or service provider who eases their experience with them technologically. Pithline team of experts will help you with this through creating self learning instruments that customers can use to know about market trends, get assistance and recommendations and get more information. This is a solution that will not only benefit your customers but you will be able to illuminate behavior patterns.


  • One of the benefits that you will receive with Pithline is improved customer satisfaction. You will be able to develop a better connection with your customers that will enable you to understand their needs and hence structure your delivery in a manner that will satisfy them. You will also be able to provide a platform that will actively engage your customers.
  • Pithline will help you as a manufacturer remain competitive in the market. You will be able to provide more relevant products or services. We will also ensure that you adopt technological advancements that will help you maintain scalability.
  • We provide you with Blockchain technology that will help you establish and maintain better peer to peer global transactions. This will further enhance your business efficiency.
  • We have deep domain expertise that will help you solve all your business problems and enable you to grow and scale your business.
  • With Pithline, you will also be able to improve business efficiency. We have offerings that will ensure that your processes are running smoothly. Efficiency is also improved through digital transformations.
  • The other benefit that you will also receive is cost effectiveness. In manufacturing industries, meeting your customer demands can be very costly. This is due to a dynamic market with changing customer demands. We hence ensure that you reduce the costs by making you proactive. This is by offering solutions that will enable you to realize changes in customer demand before they even occur. You will be able to observe behavior patterns that will help you add innovations to your product. Reducing on the high costs of switching will make you remain cost effective.
  • With our Pithline team of experts, you are also assured of increased revenues. This will be achieved through the reduced costs that you will incur by remaining proactive. Increasing profitability is very important in the manufacturing industry.


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