Internet of Things (IOT)

Our Proficiency

At Pithline, we create value for your business through various IoT technologies. We enable our global customers to achieve business excellence through our capabilities in IoT. We have a large team of IoT experts who have deep domain expertise and experience to help you get the best out of IoT solutions.

IoT is transforming industries by enabling seamless connections and improving customer experience. When you are able to achieve a seamless connection between your business processes, you are able to unlock many opportunities and possibilities for your enterprise. We also help our customers to create connected processes and devices that will positively impact on customer experience. Quality customer experience will lead to improved productivity and give you business insights.

What We Offer

Consulting and AdvisorySystems Integration Platform And ApplicationsEdge EngineeringOperations Services

Pithline will provide you with consulting and advisory solutions to ensure that we provide you with the IoT technology that will best suit your business. We come up with a connected strategy that will work across your business network. We ensure that the IoT technology you choose for your enterprise will be the one that is most feasible with your business operations and capabilities. This will ensure that you get maximum benefits out of IoT.

Pithline team of experts will integrate your business OT/IT systems to your business network. Systems integration is an offering that will not only increase your productivity but you will be able to achieve more flexibility in your operations. This will also help you achieve real time data and reduce your business costs hence improving operational efficiency. Integrating systems through IoT will also provide your enterprise with improved system security.

We incorporate various business applications and platforms to ensure that you are able to leverage and create more value for your business through IoT. This is an offering that will enable our global clients to achieve positive business outcomes.

We also use IoT technology to ensure that you are able to provide intelligence for your business assets and devices. We will help to create smart products and services that will stay connected and help in communicating real time data.

Our IoT technology will also help you in handling various business operations to achieve operational efficiency. IoT will provide you with a smart way of managing your business operations coupled with other back office needs. This will also provide you with improved accuracy of your business data which will help you achieve increased productivity and profitability.

How Various Industries Can Use IoT

The use of IoT is diversified and every industry can benefit from this technology through a number of ways.

1. Manufacturing

IoT is a critical tool for every manufacturing industry that wants to remain competitive and explore endless growth opportunities. IoT will help to improve the quality of your products through the IoT sensors and also though smart product design and testing. You will also be able to improve your business productivity through timely, accurate and more reliable production. IoT also helps to optimize the supply chain process giving you more transparency and better customer satisfaction.

2. Energy And Utilities

The utilities industry if facing many challenges some of which include; a rise in government regulations and the need to reduce costs. IoT will however help this sector achieve real time compliance and help it to achieve operational efficiency. In the energy industry, IoT will enable them to achieve improved reliability and enable integration of energy and other assets and products to enhance energy efficiency. This will improve customer experience, lower operational and production costs and also achieve new revenue streams.

3. Retail

Digital transformation has contributed both positively and negatively to the retail industry. IoT technology has however come in to solve these challenges that are faced by this sector. To begin with, IoT will help in optimizing the supply chain process. It will help to increase the transparency in this sector and hence improve the experience of all parties involved in the process. IoT will also help to improve the efficiency of how you handle your inventory. This will lead to improved profitability due to higher revenue streams. IoT will also help you to improve customer experience and to better manage your returns.

4. Healthcare

The healthcare industry is gradually transforming around the world. IoT is gradually being incorporated in the healthcare sector to ensure that this industry benefits from digitalization. Through the use of IoT, healthcare sectors are now able to offer services that are ore tailored towards the patients. The use of various IoT sensors has also led to better health monitoring. Various records are also being better managed with improved integrity.

5. Transportation

Pithline will offer IoT technology to the transportation sector to ensure that they achieve operational efficiency. Through IoT technology, the transportation industry will be better able to manage their fleet and cargo. This will help them to raise their profitability indices and enhance customer experience.

6. Construction

IoT technology has brought a significant impact in the construction industry. It is modernizing the construction industry where it is being used to optimize the construction process. Construction industries, by using IoT can benefit from better resource allocation, better asset management and optimal energy usage. By connecting devices through IoT, industries are able to improve their downtime and increase their project margins.

7. Field service

The use of IoT in the field service industry is helping in improving operational efficiency. This is through better reporting where it is easier and speedy for field service technicians to file a report. This industry will be able to become more proactive rather than reactive. Enhanced customer experience will also be experienced which will result into increased revenues.

Benefits of IoT Technology

  • IoT technology will help to enhance business and operational efficiency.
  • It will also help in increasing the revenues of industries through increased productivity and reduction of costs.
  • The use of IoT technology will help in optimizing the supply chain process and create transparency in the process.
  • Through IoT, enterprises will e able to enhance their customer experiences.
  • IoT will also help business owners to make more informed decisions that will help them scale up their operations and identify and explore growth opportunities.
  • IoT leads to the automation of various processes which increases productivity and accuracy.
  • Through IoT, enterprises are able to achieve improved system security.


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