There are many challenges that the healthcare sector is facing globally. Some of these challenges include increased and frequent regulations, changes in the experience that customers demand and the demand for this sector to remain cost transparent. These are challenges that have placed many healthcare enterprises below their competition and it has also reduced their scalability.

There are however many growth opportunities that can be exploited in this sector. To realize them, enterprises have to adopt technological transformations that will improve their service offerings and give them an edge over their competition. Pithline has the technical expertise that you will need to meet the needs of digital savvy customers and remain cost effective at the same time.



Payers are being constantly faced with the challenge of keeping up with technological improvements to enhance their service delivery to customers and improve their operational efficiency. In order to transform their organization, payers have to ensure that they embrace the digital transformations present in the market. At Pithline, we provide payers with;

  • Data integration for enhanced accuracy
  • Continuous updates to existing systems and processes
  • Robotic process automation for enhanced efficiency
  • Improved innovations
  • Space for future advancements
  • Analytics

Public healthcare is facing massive competition from the private healthcare sector. Due to this competition, it is important for this sector to embrace technological transformations that will give them an edge over their competition. This sector is faced with the problem of a huge number of customers and hence it is important to find the right technology to accommodate the numbers. As a healthcare provider in the public sector, our team of experts will help you with the following;

  • Analytics for customer insights
  • Enhance regulatory compliance
  • Improved operational efficiency through adopting IT enabled processes
  • B2C focus to improve customer experience
  • Improvements on platforms like E-health, portal and self service

As a healthcare provider, you need to keep up with the changes in consumer demand and expectations. Pithline will offer you with the technical expertise that you need to stay competitive and unique in this dynamic sector. We help you achieve success through;

  • Developing and maintaining Apps
  • System and data integration
  • Analytics and health intelligence
  • Cloud solutions
  • Intelligent process automation
  • Network collaboration
  • Business process services

There are many changes that are facing pharmacies which are necessitating the need for technological solutions. In order to increase revenues and ensure customer satisfaction, you need to optimize you business operations. Pithline provides;

  • Health intelligence and analytics
  • Innovations to current processes
  • ERP and CRM systems
  • Improvements on portals, E-health and self service
  • Systems and data integration


Pithline offers all round digital solutions to payers. Due to the nature of complexity of the services offered by payers, they have to adopt digital transformations that will provide them with lower operational costs and ensure that they remain compliant to regulations. Some of the digital solutions that we provide include data integration to improve data accuracy and integrity. We also provide you with intelligent process automations as well as AI & ML to give you more accuracy and improved efficiency.

We also provide you with analytics solutions that will enable you to access and leverage data for more informed decisions. Analytics will also provide you with customer insights that will help you spot growth opportunities and help you improve on your service delivery.

Our team of experts will also provide you with customer relation management solutions to help you offer better services to your clients. This is made possible through digitization and through solutions that enhance customer engagement. In order to keep up with competition in the healthcare sector and expand your clientele base, you need to build effective strategies that will give you higher customer retention scores.

We also provide healthcare providers with business process service solutions that will help them realize higher revenue streams. As a healthcare provider, you should ensure that besides offering quality healthcare to customers, you are also maintaining profitability that will ensure that you sustain your enterprise. We offer you with a comprehensive solution that will help you optimize revenues and give you insights on the areas to improve on.

Pithline will also provide you with cloud solutions that will enhance efficiency. This is by helping you stay connected to your customers through creation of digital platforms where they can access your services. Cloud will also help you speed up your business processes.


  • Through our comprehensive set of services and solutions, you will be able to reduce on IT costs. This is through the implementation of cloud and other digital solutions that will improve how you carry out business.
  • We also help you increase your scores on customer satisfaction. This is achieved through employing digital solutions that customers can connect with. It is also enhanced through our CRM solutions. As a healthcare provider, you should ensure that the customers you treat have a remarkable experience.
  • Pithline will also help you increase your revenue streams. This is achieved y helping you remain cost effective. Through customer satisfaction, you will also be able to increase your clientele base and hence revenues. We have a business process service that will ensure that your revenue cycle is well managed and monitored.
  • Pithline also gives you the assurance of improved business efficiency. Technology helps you carry out your business processes faster and more effectively. Reduction of operational costs and streamlining of processes will offer you the efficiency desired.
  • Our solutions will also provide you with the customer insight that you need to recognize growth opportunities. This is through analytics that will provide you with better decision making and help you realize the areas that you can improve on.


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