Since we exist in a dynamic and ever changing business world, as an enterprise, you should ensure that your business operations run smoothly and that your application portfolio is well managed. A major problem that most enterprises face is the challenge of ensuring timely shipping of products, better invoice maintenance as well as application or software malfunctions. These challenges can drastically reduce your revenues or even reduce your clientele base.

Your enterprise competitive ability in the agile business world can also be negatively affected if you do not possess a well managed and efficient application portfolio. Pithline ensures that you can counteract this challenge through our enterprise application services. With our team of experts, we will help you better manage your business by assisting you to develop business critical applications that will enable you to better run and manage your business. This service will enable you as an enterprise increase your revenues and your business compatibility with its stakeholders and processes.

We also ensure that we transform the experience customers have in your business. Through the enterprise application we will develop and improve, your customers’ needs are met more fats and you will be able to improve on delivery.


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  • We conduct a feasibility study to know which applications are more suitable for your business.
  • We develop the application more suitable for you and which will deliver.
  • Choose technology that will be used for your enterprise application.
  • Getting to know latest technologies and choosing the ones that will work for your business.
  • Evaluate the existing application to help discover how to improve.
  • Conducting a portfolio analysis of your enterprise applications.
  • Analyzing the capability of your enterprise to realize the magnitude of IT that is most feasible.
  • We ensure that your enterprise transforms by ensuring you adopt available digital technologies.
  • We also create commercials that will advertise your enterprise to customers.
  • We monitor the enterprise application to ensure it functions as desired.
  • We will also enable digital cloud migration of your existing enterprise infrastructure.
  • We also manage the application infrastructure if you do not have enough technical manpower.

We use cloud based technology to develop your enterprise system. This involves use of platforms like Dynamics 365, Oracle Apps, Metasfresh and SAP.


We have a highly trained team of professionals who will ensure that they deliver the Enterprise Application services much more efficiently. They will carefully analyze your business and its functions to ensure that they come up with applications that will help your business strategically grow and meet its targets.

At Pithline, we will help you oversee your business processes with more ease and more accuracy. We will develop efficient applications that will guarantee you better management of your business. We will help you achieve this by streamlining all your business processes not only to ensure timely service delivery but also easy connections with stakeholders. This will enable your enterprise improve productivity and efficiency and consecutively increase your revenues and clientele base.

By employing our Enterprise Application services you will be able to improve your competitive position in the market. This will be achieved by developing applications for your business that match current technological trends. By ensuring that there is seamless integration of the processes, you will easily monitor your business and realize the positions you can exploit.

Managing enterprise applications is a costly process especially to small business enterprises. This is due to the large number of resources and the technical manpower needed for this.

Pithline will ensure that you are able to reduce these costs by providing Enterprise Application Services that are not only cost friendly to business owners but also services that will add more value and revenues to your enterprise. We will support your enterprise through every process and also maintain the existing systems to ensure that their functionality is at its best.

We have plenty of flexible models and hence you are able to choose those services that will better meet your business needs and your customer needs. Our solutions are unique to every industry thus ensuring that the applications we develop are the ones that will suit your business need best.


  • Pithline will ensure that you have a competitive advantage over your competitors. This is achieved through enhancements on your business applications to ensure that they are able to handle your business processes and stakeholder requirements better. By having a well functioning platform where your customers can acquire your services, you will be able to deal with the competition that arises from the agile business environment.
  • We also ensure that this process remains cost effective for our clients. We do this by ensuring we develop applications and manage them for you at a cost that is not as high as the costs you would have accrued if you had handled the process on your own. You therefore do not have to hire technical expertise to maintain your business systems as we will handle this for you more effectively.
  • We also reduce your overall business operational costs by helping you develop a single platform that offers solutions to all your stakeholders. This is achieved by streamlining all your business processes. By streamlining all your processes, you are able to monitor your business better and you can identify growth opportunities that you can take advantage of and also the factors that you need to improve on.
  • Pithline also offers tailor made solutions to our customers. We will develop an enterprise application that will suit your business needs best. We understand that though enterprises may offer the same products to their clients, each business is unique. By carrying out a requirement analysis of your business, we are able to provide you with an enterprise application that is unique to your business needs.
  • As an enterprise, you will also benefit from our enterprise application services through increased business revenues. You will achieve this not only through reduced operational costs but also through attraction of new customers. By having a self service solution for the customers, you will make their experience with your enterprise pleasant and fast and thus not only gaining new customers but also maintaining them.


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