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Energy and utilities are important requirements in the daily lives of every individual. As an energy and utilities service provider, you have to ensure that the quality of your services and products are enhanced. Pithline offers energy and utilities companies with digitalized solutions which will help them have a better relationship and outreach with their customers for the overall good of the company and by association, the consumers. Digitalized solutions are very helpful in the modern dynamic business world.

By providing a platform for the energy and utilities sector, we revolutionize your business to a better way of operation, one that will certainly be beneficial to your company. This opportunity will help your business grow and survive in the agile business world. We have a large team of professionals and experts who will work hand in hand with you to ensure that you maintain the scalability of your business. Our domain expertise has seen us propel energy and utilities companies to increased profitability.


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We provide you with a wide range of digital solutions that will help you improve efficiency and maintain scalability. We provide;

  • IoT
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Enterprise mobility

These aims at building the relationship between the energy and utilities provider and their customers by making them interact on different issues and subjects with the aim of serving and being served in the best possible way. It includes or involves the use of:

  • Chat bots
  • Customer support team on call

Pithline analytics is like a watch dog for you. It does all the hard work and presents you with tried and true theories for application. This makes your work a lot easier. It includes data such as:

  • Real-time predictive analysis of power outages

This is mainly the involvement of helpful programs in the effort to make the services offered more efficient. It majorly targets the interactions between the two stakeholders through chat boxes and more. It uses the following.

  • AI&ML- Artificial intelligence and Machine learning
  • IOT- Internet Of Things

This constitutes of the efforts that Pithline puts towards making your energy and utilities business meet its’ goals and objectives for the purpose of fulfillment of the company vision. It achieves this by:

  • Streamlining business models with the operations.
  • Enhancing utility customer experience.


We offer you first hand information that follows professional involvement in the determination of power outages. This gives you time to prepare for the foreseeable future. Not managing power outages well can lead to customer dissatisfaction and reduced revenues. Our solution involves a predictive analysis that will help you illuminate power outage patterns to inform customers beforehand and find ways to manage the problem.

We also provide renovations and reinventions that are meant to transform utility companies so that it operates on the very specific objectives and visions that it was meant to from the very beginning. Our renovations and reinvention solutions will provide you with new and improved business models that you can use to enhance your operations and maintain scalability.

Our digitized solutions also ensure that the customer experience particularly in the utility side of business is enhanced. This is achieved by giving you insights on consumer behavior and patterns. We also ensure that customers have an easy access to your utilities. CRM is a necessary process for any enterprise.

By providing you with a chat bots solution, you will be able to improve the connectivity and collaboration between your enterprise and customers. This is a factor that will improve your customer satisfaction scores. This is because customers are able to interact with you easily from the initial stage to the final stage. It will also give you a platform where you can improve on the negative issues raised by customers.

We offer you with AI&ML technological solutions that will provide you with enhanced business intelligence. This will provide you with more security for your data and also give you an edge over your competitions as you will be able to explore growth opportunities.


  • By providing real time predictive information regarding the power outages, it provides the energy and utilities companies with the opportunity to show their customers that they are always ahead of things. This speaks control which is exactly what customers need to know about their service providers.
  • Renovating and reinventing utility companies is necessary because it not only puts the company business models in line with its operations, but also signify growth and integrity of the company as reflected by the fact that any successful system carries out routine maintenance to make sure that in the course of operation, it does not shift from the initial vision.
  • Pithline will also improve on your CRM because it makes efforts to make the customer experience in matters energy and utility better. This directly or indirectly reflects on the efficiency of the company.
  • Automation and the use of the AI&ML are a sure way of accurately responding to the concerns of the customers. This is helpful as it will help solve the issues that are troubling the clients. AI&ML in energy and utility is therefore very beneficial particularly in the agile market where substitutes could easily be developed or competitors taking advantage.
  • By providing a platform for customer interaction through the chat bots, you will be able to not only enhance connectivity and collaboration, but you will also respond to customer issues more effectively. You will be able to identify the common problem facing customers and solve it.
  • The major benefit of digitization of this industry as offered by Pithline is that it significantly cuts down on a lot of expenses. You will be able to reduce on the operational costs and hence increase your business revenues. Reducing costs is a sure way of improving profitability.
  • Our set of services and solutions will also give you an edge over your competition. This is through enhanced service delivery, business intelligence and improved business models.


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