Consumer Goods and Distribution


Digital transformations have become a necessity to those enterprises that deal in the packaging and distribution of customer goods. This is because customers are now looking for service providers who can offer them the best shopping experience. As an enterprise in this sector, it is essential to adopt digital technologies that will help you keep up with competition and make you remain relevant in today’s dynamic world.

Pithline has services and solutions that you need to steer your enterprise into more profitability. We have a team of skilled and experienced experts who are ready to work with you to achieve the desired success of your enterprise. We ensure that you adopt the right IT infrastructure that will help you improve your operational efficiency. Our services and solutions are tailor made which means that we carry out an analysis of your business first before coming out with the right solution.


Apparel and footwearHome and personal careFood and beverages

The clothing industry is very dynamic and enterprises have to ensure that they remain proactive. Pithline works with apparel and footwear sectors to help them in;

  • Reducing inventory costs
  • Optimizing prices
  • Elevating business effectiveness
  • Transforming the supply chain
  • Improving customer experience and customer engagement.

The home and personal care sector is rapidly growing and enterprises have to ensure that they change with the changes in consumer demographics. With our range of services and solutions, we will help you to;

  • Better manage the fluctuating demand
  • Improve the supply chain process
  • Promote new products
  • Shorten the product life cycle.

This sector faces a wide range of challenges like changes in consumer tastes and more regulation. Products in this segment are also constantly changing in prices due to globalization. Customers also are paying more regard to their health and food safety making this a very dynamic sector. Pithline set of solutions and services will help you to;

  • Increase speed to market for perishable goods
  • Maintain food safety
  • Cope and find ways to benefit from globalization
  • Adhere to environmental rules.


We offer you with supply chain management solutions that will ensure that your entire process is smooth, transparent and cost effective. The supply chain process forms an integral part in consumer goods and distribution. As an enterprise, you have to frequently monitor and improve this process to ensure that you adequately meet consumer demand. Pithline will help you digitize the supply chain process to enable you remain competitive. We will help you formulate a supply chain process that is cost effective and will improve on your customer service. A good supply chain will also help you meet the fluctuating demands.

We also offer analytics solutions. This is a solution that will ensure that your enterprise data is well handled and managed. Enterprise data is important in enabling a business make more informed decisions. You will also be able to get clear customer insights that will help you improve your service delivery and transform the experience that you offer your customers.

Pithline also offers you with sales and marketing solutions. Due to continuous changes in customer needs and preferences, enterprises have to adopt technology that will help them identify consumer patterns and behaviors and give them an edge over competition. Pithline offers you the right technology that will help you survive in this agile market. We offer you with cloud solutions and mobility solutions that will enhance collaboration with your people and processes. We also offer promotion services from the consulting to execution and analysis phase. We also enhance your sales automation to ensure that enhanced operational efficiency.

We also provide you with a unified customer experience. This is through the adoption of a multichannel approach where customers who are shopping inside the store or from their mobile devices can get a seamless shopping experience. Pithline will provide you with digital solutions that will enable you to create a better offering for shoppers and hence give you a competitive edge.

We also offer you with cloud solutions that will improve your connectivity with customers and stakeholders. This will help you to monitor the performance of your store associates and advice on how they can improve in terms of offering services to customers. A great cloud solution will also help you enhance your E-commerce and IoT.
With our team of experts, you are also assured of security solutions for your enterprise applications, data, files and logs. With our digital infrastructure you will be able to maintain the integrity of your information which is very essential. We detect security anomalies that may cause vulnerabilities and real time threats.

We have the technical expertise that will offer you with your business processes solutions. This is a solution that will help you in matters like inventory management, accounts and enterprise resource planning. This will give you more accuracy and transparency in your operations and hence improve your decision making.


  • With our wide range of solutions and offerings, you are assured of increased sales. This is through promotional techniques and attracting digital savvy customers.
  • Our services and solutions will also help you cut back on major costs. The adoption of It infrastructure ensures that your operational efficiency is enhanced which reduces operational costs.
  • You will also benefit from increased revenues. We will make sure to adopt digital strategies that maintain the cost effectiveness of your enterprise. This will lead to increased higher revenue margins that will result into profitability.
  • By employing our services at Pithline, you will also increase the productivity of your enterprise. This is through solutions that will minimize the time that your store associates spend in recording files and paperwork. They will hence have more time to concentrate on service delivery and store management.
  • You will also be able to gain a competitive edge in the market. The modern business environment requires one to be dynamic. With our digital solutions, you will be able to offer better products to customers that are up to par with their current needs. Our sales and marketing solutions will also give you an added benefit over your competitors.
  • Our set of solutions will also help you make better informed decisions. We provide you with analytics services that will offer you useful insights on how you can better your customer experience. Analytics will also help you recognize the growth opportunities that you can explore in the market. This will result into long term profitability and growth of your enterprise.


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