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In a developed and highly enhanced IT world, there has been a rising need for businesses to scale up so that they can remain relevant in the market. At Pithline, we offer cloud infrastructure services that will enable you to deliver cloud computing services. Our approach is different as we will walk with you every step of the way to ensure that your enterprise is totally transformed. When it comes to cloud infrastructure, we will offer consulting services, design a perfect cloud computing solution for your enterprise and ensure smooth migration to cloud. Pithline will place your enterprise on the right track by enabling you to reduce operational costs and incorporate cloud that will be a positive transformation to your enterprise’s IT. By developing and deploying a reliable and scalable infrastructure solution, your enterprise will transform in terms of better service delivery, improved user experience and enhanced agility of your enterprise.

We have a highly trained team of experts who have extensive experience in different industries. You are therefore guaranteed of getting solutions that will be feasible to your business operations and those that will give you maximum benefits. You will also be able to scale up in terms of competition as you will be able to explore new markets and identify growth opportunities. Your service delivery and customer satisfaction rates will also increase once you employ our cloud and infrastructure service solutions.


Assessment and advisoryCreation and adoption of cloudCloud automation
  • We carry out a portfolio analysis of your business.
  • Calculating a Return on investment on your business
  • Develop a cloud maturity model to enhance smooth cloud adoption.
  • We will migrate your existing assets into cloud to enhance efficiency.
  • Integrate cloud with your processes.
  • Feasibility test to demonstrate that the cloud design concept is suitable.
  • We monitor, manage and maintain the cloud technology and infrastructure.
  • Enable the automation of software infrastructure and use of IT by applying IP solutions.
  • Develop infrastructure that is unchanging over time.


Pithline will help you accomplish a security solution for your enterprise. By incorporating a comprehensive cloud infrastructure in your enterprise, your crucial business information is secured. You are hence able to have enhanced data integrity and improved company governance. Cloud migration will meet your confidentiality needs and enable you mitigate risk associated with information leakage or loss.

Our cloud and infrastructure services will offer you amicable solutions in terms of data and information storage. Cloud will enable adoption of SAN and NAS which will provide block-level storage, backup and archiving data. This will result to improved convenience in terms of storage and guarantee easier accessibility.

We will also scale up your business in terms of virtualization. By providing your enterprise with a virtualization solution, you will be able to get a logical view of your computing resources which is beneficial in a number of ways. It will enable you to reduce your operating costs through server consolidation and also enhance your business agility.

Our dedicated team of experts will also ensure that you achieve backup and recovery solutions. Virtual hardware and servers will automatically be backed to external disks. We can also develop a hybrid cloud infrastructure with advanced elements that will give you more protection and a more enhanced data backup and recovery system.

Pithline will ensure that your cloud infrastructure system is well managed and monitored. We hence manage and monitor your network, servers and storage systems to ensure that they are performing as desired. Performance monitoring will ensure that your enterprise will remain competitive and your time-to-market is also enhanced.

We also provide you with an analysis of your current state of your cloud and infrastructure. Our team of experts will come up with perfect solutions to the problems with your existing infrastructure and also help you combat any future problems that may occur with your infrastructure. We will also clearly define migration plans for probable future upgrades.


  • The first benefit of employing our cloud and infrastructure services is improving your business cost effectiveness. This is achieved through virtualization where there is reduced energy consumption, minimized infrastructure costs and lowered facility costs.
  • You will also have better security when it comes to your business data and information. This is achieved through the security solutions as well as the backup and recovery solutions.
  • A well developed and improved cloud infrastructure will also result in reduced administrative overhead. This will be achieved through efficient and proper networking that will reduce the workload of your staff. Reduced administrative overhead will not only lead to reduced costs but will also lead to enhanced data integrity as there will be fewer people who will handle the enterprises’ data and information.
  • A cloud and infrastructure solution will give your business a competitive edge in the market. This is achieved through the incorporation of very innovative technology that will enhance user experience.
  • Your enterprise will also benefit from additional strategic value. This will be achieved through better streamlining of work and processes, better collaboration and also increased accessibility.
  • Flexibility in your enterprise will also be enhanced through cloud infrastructure. This will be achieved by making it easier for customers to access your services. As a business owner you will also enjoy flexibility in terms of service delivery as you will be able to deliver to users everywhere through internet connection. You will also easily access your services wherever you are which will improve on the mobility of your enterprise.
  • With cloud infrastructure, you will improve on your business scalability. Your business storage and operations are scaled up and down. This is by giving you more flexibility and also giving you more time to manage your business as improvements and upgrades will be handled by us.


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