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When it comes to running and managing a business effectively, it is very important to ensure that your businesses processes are being managed effectively. This is because these processes form an integral part of your business. Due to the technological advancement and the spread of digitalization it is important to ensure that your processes have also evolved to meet the changes in the modern business world. If you are looking for higher performance levels in your business, Pithline has the technical expertise and resources to help you achieve that.

In the current agile and volatile business world, it is important to make sure that your business portrays high level efficiency and increased profitability. At Pithline, we are professionals when it comes to running and managing your business processes. We offer the business process services either partially or in full. By using Pithline, we will transform your business by optimizing your operations and offering you greater flexibility when it comes to your processes. We also help businesses discover growth opportunities for business expansions and also new markets. Since many businesses may not afford the costs of maintaining internal technical expertise in their business processes, outsourcing with Pithline is the perfect solution.


Expert advice and business assessmentProcesses creationSupport and maintenance
  • Conduct research to understand the market and the needs of your business.
  • Plan and strategize to offer business process transformation ideas
  • Improve on old processes and remodel to create advanced and digital processes.
  • Build processes to serve you in the long run or in the short run.
  • Adopt technological advancements in processes creation.
  • Deploy prototype processes to measure efficiency and applicability.
  • Implement processes while on your business premises or through cloud technology.
  • Maintain and manage processes.
  • Incorporate continuous improvements to the processes.
  • Develop a platform to incorporate shared and multipurpose services.


We offer a variety of solutions to our customers who employ our business process services. We offer Finance and Accounting solutions to our customers. We have a team of experts who are highly trained in this profession to make sure that they deliver excellent services. We will streamline and optimize the processes involved in this sector to give you more accuracy and transparency in your business and increase profitability.

At Pithline, we will also manage and monitor your supply chain. We will create a supply chain process that will connect the people and products involved. We will develop a timely supply chain process that will enhance flexibility and improve efficiency. Our technical and professional team will improve on the existing supply chain process by adopting digital infrastructure and technology. A well functioning and managed supply chain is the greatest influence of business success.

By helping businesses in their human resource functions, Pithline will transform your business. We accomplish this by digitalizing the hiring process to create a platform where you can hire staff through digital infrastructure. Creating a cost effective and efficient human resource management solution improves the business flexibility and convenience.

We also offer solutions when it comes to customer relationship management. Customers are the most crucial component of your business who highly determine its success. Being able to connect with customers at their convenience is of utter importance. We will create a process that will ensure customers’ needs are fulfilled as soon as they demand them. A smooth and efficient customer relationship process will help you pinpoint some of the issues your customers have with your business and improve on them.

You will also get the best solution for your Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and business analytics. This is a solution that comes in handy for most businesses since KPO is a process that requires deep technical expertise. Our team of professional experts will work with you in ensuring that you get value addition for your business. By trusting us with your high level intensive tasks, you are assured of both cost effectiveness and proficiency.


By employing our business process services, you enjoy numerous benefits.

  • You will get to achieve more flexibility in your business operations. This is by having digital processes that mobilize different processes to ensure more service delivery at any time and from any place.
  • We will improve the efficiency of your business operations through creating and improving processes that offer high performance. This is because technology adoption is a transformation that will improve all your processes.
  • Pithline will also help you improve accuracy when it comes to your business analytics. We will offer the services of highly trained professionals who will handle accounting and finance processes. When this process is handled by an independent party, chances of data manipulation are minimized. Digitalization also minimizes the chances of inaccuracy.
  • A monitored and well managed customer relationship process will offer you the most benefits. You will be able to improve on your service delivery to consumers and be able to resolve their issues on time. This will not only help you retain your customers but you will attract new customers to your business as well.
  • Well managed business processes will also open up growth opportunities that you can explore. When you are able to monitor your processes more easily, you can easily notice the aspects of your business that you can improve on to achieve more success. It will also open up new markets that you can explore to grow your business.
  • We also make it more cost effective for you to have business processes that are managed by experts. Operational costs associated with business processes make up the highest percentage of expenses. Pithline has a whole team of professionals with years of experience handling different processes. You therefore acquire the best services at a lower price than you would have if you handled it on your own.
  • You will also achieve increased profitability with our business process services. This is not only through reduced operational costs but also through having well managed processes that improve accuracy and accountability.


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