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At Pithline, we offer services and solutions with blockchain technology which has given us high customer scores and ratings. We come up with the ideal blockchain technology that is suitable for any industry. Before coming up with an innovative blockchain technology for your industry, we will offer you expert advisory services and also consulting to ensure that what you incorporate in your industry is the best. We will also come up with a well diversified portfolio of solutions that will propel your enterprise towards excellence.

We have deep domain expertise and a strong Blockchain community and partners which is an assurance to our customers that they will get the best blockchain technology through the use of enterprise grade production blockchain networks. Pithline will ensure that your enterprise will reap multiple benefits through the use of this transformative technology.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

In simple words, blockchain can be explained as a secured database that can be found with every participating stakeholder in an enterprise’s value chain. Each transaction that occurs is encrypted and later stored into ‘blocks’.

Industries Where Blockchain Is A Necessity

Blockchain technology is a technology that comes in handy in many industrial segments. It has a wide range of benefits that it offers and it is also applicable in any industry. Pithline however believes that some industries need blockchain now more than ever due to the changes present. These industries include;

1. Agricultural Sector

There has been rise in the production of agricultural products in the recent days due to an increase in demand for people to eat healthy foods. Due to this, industries in the agricultural sector have had to scale up their supply chain process. There have also been increased regulations in the sector as governments are trying to ascertain if the products are fit for human consumption. The perfect solution for industries in this sector is blockchain technology. This technology will not only bring transparency into your supply chain but it will also help to transform your industry into improved efficiency. Blockchain technology will close the gaps that exist in your supply chain process. It will also help you eliminate financial leakages that are most frequent in the agricultural sector.

2. Energy And Utilities Sector

There are a number of inefficiencies that prevail in the energy and utilities sector. This is a sector that is under threat due to the invention of electric cars. The supply chain process in this industry is also not transparent as there are a lot of players involved from the mining face, logistics and until the product is delivered to the consumer. Since there is little liquidity and high volatility in this sector, blockchain technology will ensure that there are little disruptions. Blockchain technology will also help utility industries to trade peer to peer without the involvement of third parties. Elimination of middle men in the utility trading process will also help to lower some of the costs. When supplier and consumer contracts are coded in blockchain, consumers are able to attain flexibility and transparency.

What We Offer

1. Advisory and consulting

At Pithline, we offer blockchain advisory and consulting services to ensure that you the solution will work best for your enterprise. We first conduct a feasibility study to ensure that the technology solution will be the best for your industry. We will do a cost and benefit valuation to ensure that the benefits will outweigh the costs. We have several arranged workshops where we educate our customers about blockchain and how it can be applied to an enterprise and the benefits that will be realized from it.

2. Platform services

At Pithline, we work hand in hand with different blockchain platforms to ensure that you quickly get your technology within the stipulated time. Through our different services, we will help you to select the right platform as per your blockchain specifications and also give you recommendations on the technology that will work best for you. Some of the services that you will enjoy under this include; cyber security, platform as a service, platform engineering, an innovative blockchain lab, development of a scalable framework and digital identity services.

3. Ecosystem services

At Pithline, we have also partnered with various technological partners to ensure that you get a blockchain technology that is tested and is widely applied. Our ecosystem will help to solve the various cases that may arise with the blockchain technology, pilot new innovations and ensure that you achieve product benefits with blockchain. Through this, our customers are able to get early access to new industry blockchain solutions.

4. Application services

Pithline leading team of experts also provides customers with application services for their blockchain technology to guarantee that the technology works efficiently in their enterprise. Our approach when it comes to this includes first thinking of the blockchain technology that is best suitable for your enterprise, designing it, developing it and deploying it. We help our customers to enhance their business operations by applying blockchain technology. Under this service provision, we offer; an evaluation of scalability, validation services, product readiness evaluation, POC and pilot services, DLT designing, distributed Apps and smart contract App development.

Benefits You Get With Blockchain Technology

  • With blockchain, you are assured of improved transparency in the supply chain.
  • Blockchain technology also helps you to develop a more sustainable supply chain.
  • This technology will also provide you with more integrity when it comes to transaction records.
  • Enterprises are able to achieve improved efficiency.
  • Blockchain technology helps in lowering the operational costs through promoting peer to peer trading which eliminated third parties.
  • Blockchain technology will also help you to create value for your various stakeholders.
  • Blockchain technology also helps you to achieve improved profitability and this is through lowered operational costs and improved business efficiency.


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