Big Data

Our Proficiency

At Pithline, we believe that Big Data is a critical tool that every enterprise needs to achieve the desired transformation that will result to business excellence. To achieve this transformation, we focus on transformative industry themes like business insights, next generation products, automation and Future ready enterprises. These industry themes are achieved by the use of the best Big Data technology that there is in the market.

We carry out Big Data transformations by following an approach that is sure to guarantee you the best results. This is the PID approach where we begin with engineering the process, carrying out and acquiring insights and then to the final stage which is the data and infrastructure. Through this approach, each of our customers is guaranteed of achieving the desired business transformation.

We have a large team of professional experts who have the technical expertise that you will need to achieve the desired Big Data goals. Our Big Data solutions and services will ensure that your enterprise improves in terms of the intelligence and that you are able to carry out innovations with more ease.

Our Thoughts

Data Platform Transformation

Digitalization in the modern business world has made it very necessary for businesses to change how they manage their data. As a business organization, it is important to transformed data platforms. This is to ensure that you are not caught off guard by large volumes of data or the diversity of data. This is to ensure that you take advantage of the business intelligence that is hidden in your data and you will be able to make more informed decisions and explore growth opportunities. In the modern business world, there are large volumes of transactions and users involved. Therefore, as business data grows, it is important to change your business processes and data structures to meet the voluminous data.

Transforming your data management system

At Pithline, we provide effective solutions on how to manage your data. With our different services and support systems like analytics and data management systems, you will be able to better handle your large volumes of data and transactions. With our services and solutions, you will be able to reduce the time that you take to handle your business data, you data will be more secure and your operational costs like maintenance and support will be minimized. Enterprises are however finding it difficult to adopt the various data appliances because;

  • There is lack of enough expertise needed to manage and maintain the data platforms.
  • During the transformation, businesses undergo downtimes and this may be harmful to a business.
  • Adopting data management platforms is risky of you do not have enough information about the various platforms that are available.

You can however mitigate these risks and concern by;

  • Minimizing downtime.
  • Consulting technology experts.
  • Adopting a tailored solution that will meet your specific needs.
  • Restructuring your business data.

How to Know That It’s Time to Transform You Data Platform

As an enterprise, there are various ways that you can know if you are ready for migration. These include;

  • When you current hardware is not supporting your needs.
  • When you have multiple databases running and it is optimal to combine them so as to reduce the maintenance and support costs.
  • To reduce the costs and optimizer licenses and certifications.
  • Combining your various business processes.

Industries that benefit from Big Data

1) Healthcare

The use of Big Data in the healthcare industry has helped to improve the operations of this sector and to offer better insights into the patients to into the patients’ health. The use of Big Data analytics can help in solving the wide array of challenges that are faced in the healthcare sector. With Big Data, the healthcare sector will be able to offer better patient healthcare. This is through collection and easier access to patient healthcare records. They will also be able to improve operational efficiency and reduce on costs.

2) Energy and utilities

Big Data is a critical tool that is needed by energy and utility industry to help them cope with the myriad of challenges facing this sector. With Big Data, you are able to use the data that is in the smart meters to provide you with useful insights. With Big Data, this sector will be able to unlock the full potential of their business data. The energy industries will be able to improve their operations and reduce operational costs. They will also be able to improve the customer satisfaction and help them to become more competitive.

3) Manufacturing

The use of Big Data analytics in the manufacturing sector will see the industries in the sector benefit from improved manufacturing processes. They will also be able to improved rates of customer satisfaction through custom product design. Big Data also helps to optimize the supply chain process and minimize the risks present in the process.

4) E-commerce

Big Data has infiltrated the sales industry and as a result, those in E-commerce are now using Big Data to their advantage. E-commerce retailers are now able to offer a better shopping experience to customers by having more personalized interactions and also delivering more value through proper pricing. Use of Big Data is also helping the E-commerce retailers to make better decisions about what to stock by looking at the customer needs pattern. This boosts customer satisfaction and boosts sales.

5) Education

When the education sector implements Big Data, there are many benefits that they can reap from this technology. Academic institutions have large amounts of data that they hold pertaining their students and staff. With the use of Big Data, they can be able to analyze the voluminous data to get insights on how they can improve service delivery and how they can improve operational efficiency.

6) Financial and Accounting

There are many benefits that are being reaped by finance and account managers who use Big Data. With the use of this technology, this sector will be able to achieve more insights that will help them to make more informed budgeting and forecasting decisions. They can also use this technology to measure and mitigate risks and also to boost integrity through reduction of internal and external theft of funds.

Benefits you get with Big Data

  • You will be able to have faster and easier access to your business data.
  • Enhance the scalability and business efficiency.
  • Minimize the license supports and minimize the storage costs.
  • Reduce the complexity of data platforms and enable them to easily integrate with your systems.
  • Improved capability of your enterprise to better manage your data.
  • Increased sales and higher revenue margins.
  • Better customer satisfaction.


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