Augmented / Mixed Reality

Augmented reality, also called mixed reality technology, is a unique technology developed for the purpose of superimposing a computer generated image on a user’s view of the real world. This therefore gives it a composite view. It gives an interactive experience of a real world environment. The objects that reside in the real world are augmented by computer generated perceptual information. Sometimes this is spread through various sensory modalities like visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and even olfactory.

Augmented technology has in the recent years been able to prove itself as one of the most instrumental tools in the day-to-day lives of people. They have been used in platforms such as social media filtering procedures and also in the surgical procedures. Its application makes it possible to incorporate different elements from the virtual world so that they serve in the actual world. This therefore makes it possible to make better, the things that we either see, or hear or even feel.

Augmented reality technology falls among the mixed reality spectrum that is, right at the center of the real world and the virtual world. It is basically an enhanced version of reality therefore, where live views- direct or indirect- of the actual physical world environments are augmented with superimposed images drawn from the computer over a user’s view and therefore enhancing what we actually perceive reality to be.

Our proficiency

Pithline incorporates customers in coming up with very helpful technologies. This technology in business will particularly help the business folk that deal with selling things like furniture and technological solutions including the following:

These are owed to the many solutions that make it possible for consumers to actually be able to view or see products so that they will be able to imagine how exactly it would feel like to actually own the product. In business, AR promises a revolution.

Our thoughts

Pithline has a lot of experience in the business industry and knows the loops and what it actually takes to survive, do well and out-compete everyone else in your field. This is why we foresee augmented reality’s fast development and its potential evolution because of certain things about it. This is therefore the best time to get started with the augmented reality application, a chance to attract more customer traffic to the product or can even make for a very strategic marketing plan.

Application of Augmented reality in business

In MarketingIn manufacturingEducation and trainingTravel and tourism

In marketing, businesses can gain an edge over their competitors in the following ways

  • Augmented reality technology is unique and noticeable and this will definitely do well for your customers in the sense that it would create and attract the much needed attention particularly because you will be able to give your customers something that none of your customers cannot.
  • Augmented reality will help your business achieve more virality because the word of mouth and social sharing has an increasing effect on the acquisition of new customers.
  • There are also a lot of opportunities for personalization in that it creates the opportunity where you can come up with something out of the ordinary and completely unique which is an expression of a businesses’ individuality. This is a means that achieves by far more than media.
  • There is also the possibility of improving content quality because with augmented reality you will be able to give users an instrument that they can use to create the content that they otherwise would not be able to come up with.
  • In retail, businesses can gain an edge over their competitors in the following ways:
  • Virtual fitting rooms are instrumental in helping users to be able to choose the right position their furniture should take in their house and look best without actually having to put them there physically. They can also decide on the best color. This will help them reduce purchase returns chances.
  • Promotional campaigns can also incorporate augmented reality y using technology that actually plays a supportive role on your materials.

In the manufacturing industry, businesses can gain an edge over their competitors in the following ways:

  • Facilitation and acceleration of the building process at the factory. With this, project managers can be able to keep track of work that is progressing in real time by monitoring augmented reality markers on the equipment.
  • It saves a lot of time using digital maps and plants. This is because pointing a device into a prospective location will show you how the piece of a machine will fit when the construction is finally complete.

In education and training, augmented reality technology enhances the possibilities of things that can be achieved.

  • It provides the rare cognition path with engaging real simulations. It therefore gives a whole actual psychological and physical experience and helps get authentic virtual experience that can be actualized in real life.
  • Medical students can now try out their first surgeries without injuring patients.
  • Astronauts can also get ready for their mission to space by trying out simulations and projections to space before they actually go.

The travel and tourism industry can also use GPS mobile apps in conjunction with augmented reality.

  • It can show tourists’ routes and directions to the places they ought to go.
  • It can also translate signs on the streets and give information concerning matters to do with sightseeing.

Final thoughts

Augmented reality has an application in each and every business and will be instrumental in helping the business in question avoid wasting time and resources in doing things that would either fail or look bad. It is therefore what the present generation would call “god’s eye”. It finds its application into everyday life since its occurrence. With its ability to convert data from a physical word to the one that was created with digital tools, it gives the user the ability to see the reality that has been put forth with a designed computer based data.


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