Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is a very significant advancement in the technological arena. It is instrumental in the prospect to be able to perform similar tasks as would a human. Some of the tasks that can be performed include making of decisions without emotional influence, visual perception an even recognizing people’s voices and all manner of speech.

Machine learning, on the other hand, refers to learning with the help of computer science skills and techniques by incorporating trained data in coming up with decisions. Machine learning a branch of artificial intelligence in the modern world.

Our Proficiency

Pithline solutions specializing in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, focuses on crunching big data sets and also running deep learning models. This will therefore help you company or enterprise to access hidden data at all times so much so that you will be able to leap ahead of your competition. It will also help your company to stop using the trial and error or experimentation mechanism to do things and go ahead and replace it with the Artificial Intelligence mechanism which guarantees maximum success possible in the unleashing of business insights.

We achieve this using a variety of ways such as the provision of the best server for enterprise Artificial Intelligence, which is a new breed of servers which make it possible for the cutting edge-AI innovation data scientists’ desire to incorporate the dependability that IT desires.

Our Thoughts

Differentiating your business from the competition requires innovation, acceleration and the right partnership. With IBM as your partner, you have access to unmatched expertise, leading-edge solutions and program benefits that work for you.

The business and information technology and its associated inventions have made the business world so competitive that there is no more room for people who want to experiment and take risks. A small slip will therefore have a very monumental impact on your business whether positively or negatively. This is why survival in the agile business world prompts the incorporation of AI and machine learning in the daily operations of your business to protect you from making a decision that will not do well for your business.

Advantages of AI and machine learning

  • Save time and money by automating routine processes and tasks that would otherwise be slow and sequential.
  • Increase productivity and operational efficiencies as it makes processes fast and delivers maximum accuracy.
  • Faster business decisions based on outputs from cognitive technologies as its accuracy eliminate the need for consultations.
  • human error’ is eliminated provided that smart systems are set up properly
  • Insight in the prediction of customer preferences will make it easier to offer them better, personalized experience.
  • Access to a vast amount of data essential for quality. This guides and grows your customer base
  • Achieve cost savings because it optimizes your business, your workforce and even your products.
  • Increased revenue because you will be able to identify and maximize sales opportunities.
  • Grow your expertise by enabling analysis and offering intelligent advice and support.

Understanding AI and machine learning

You should note that whatever your reason for considering incorporating Artificial Intelligence, there is a great possibility that it will change the way your business runs, functions or operates. The most important thing therefore is to have an open-mind attitude and demonstrate the willingness to embrace new opportunities wherever and whenever possible.

Research and information following numerous and exhaustive studies have shown that the main driving force behind using Artificial Intelligence in business is the need to have an upper hand over your competition. Following this study, the incentive therefore became:

  • Executive-led decision.
  • Particular business, operational or technical problem.
  • Internal experiment.
  • Customer demand.
  • Unexpected solution to a problem.
  • Offshoot of another project.

You also need to understand that AI is an emerging technology. As such, it is changing at a fast pace and may present some unexpected challenges.

How you can use AI and machine learning in your business.

  • Improve customer services – You can use Artificial intelligence in a virtual assistant programs sense to provide real-time support to users (for example, with billing and other tasks).
  • Automate workloads – This involves collecting and analyzing data from smart sensors, or the use of machine learning (ML) algorithms to categorize work, automatically route service requests, etc.
  • Optimize logistics – This could be applied in the use AI-powered image recognition tools to monitor and optimize your infrastructure, plan transport routes, etc.
  • Increase manufacturing output and efficiency – For example you can automate the line of production by incorporating industrial robots into your workflow and teaching them to perform labour-intensive tasks.
  • Prevent outages – This could be applied through the use of techniques to detect anomalies or unusual occurrences and also in the identification of patterns that are likely to disrupt your business, such as an IT outage. Specific AI software may also help you to detect and deter security intrusions.
  • Predict performance – eg use AI applications to determine when you might reach performance goals, such as response time to help desk calls.
  • Predict behavior – This is done by using Machine Learning algorithms to analyze patterns of online behavior to, for example, serve tailored product offers, detect credit card fraud or target appropriate adverts.
  • Manage and analyze your data – this is through the fact that AI can help you interpret and mine your data more efficiently than ever before and provide meaningful insight into your assets, your brand, staff or customers.
  • Improve your marketing and advertising – for example, effectively track user behavior and automate many routine marketing tasks.

There are however varying Artificial Intelligence Technologies which will be of use in the determination of what you can or cannot do. The two most popular forms of AI however include the Generalized AI and the Applied AI. Smart programs, in the sense that they have coordinated and synchronized the system to the AI and or ML, will be able to perform either of the following:

  • Specific individual tasks, such as medical diagnosis, electronic trading, robot control, etc
  • Complex, cognitive tasks based on their understanding of how certain things (eg a language or a behavior) work.


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