Application Development and Maintenance


In a dynamic business world, it is essential to develop applications that will add more value to your business. This is achieved by developing applications that will better meet your target market needs and also meet the desired business goals. At Pithline, we will develop applications with emphasis on user friendly features that will draw more customers and enhanced functionality. We will ensure that your target users have an easy time using the applications and that these applications better meet their needs.

By employing our services, you are assured of continuous support throughout the entire application development process. We will guide you through the entire process beginning from the concept design up to the final stage where the application will be tested for functionality. We also enhance your already existing applications to match technological advancements and hence boosting business performance. We have a highly trained team of experts with the masterly of developing applications and extensive experience who will offer relentless support to make sure that your application development process is a success.

Pithline also will help you develop complex applications for complex business environments and niches. You therefore do not have to worry about employing technical expertise in your business that will increase costs and reduce benefits. At Pithline, you are assured of the best application development and maintenance services at affordable costs.

Our vision and approach is to help you develop application that will not only penetrate the market but will also give you an edge over competition.


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We will ensure that your applications are functioning well as desired. This is by:

  • Adding new features.
  • Monitoring the performance.
  • Resolving any probable issues that may arise.
  • We develop applications after an in depth requirement analysis of your business.
  • Design the application based on your business concept.
  • Carry out a functionality test to ensure that the applications are working as desired.
  • Develop and deploy applications that have high performance ratings
  • We ensure that your applications are modernized.
  • Enable easy cloud migration with little or no downtime.
  • Ensure that we put your business goals and strategies into perspective when migrating.
  • Incorporate AI & ML in the application development process.
  • Conduct analytics to discover growth opportunities.
  • Deployment of safe application frameworks tested for security threats.
  • Develop applications enabled by default.


When it comes to Application maintenance, Pithline team of experts will help you modify your already existing application into one that will match with the technological advancements in the market. An outdated Application will negatively affect your business as customers’ needs constantly change with emerging technological advancements.

We develop applications according to the unique needs of our every customer. Our team of professionals will design and develop applications that will better suit a particular niche or business goal. This is to ensure that your application remains relevant to your target market. We help you realize the goals that you want to accomplish through your application and hence develop one that will better meet the business needs and entice your target market. We are well equipped and trained to ensure that we can develop and maintain applications for all types of businesses and hence you are assured of services that are tailor-made.

We will also carry out a comprehensive analysis to help you realize growth opportunities you can exploit in the market. We do this by carefully analyzing the market and current technology to help us realize the additional advancements that can be made to make your application more competitive. This is to ensure that your application remains relevant to your target market and you stay at the top of your competition.

The application development process involves active customer engagement to ensure that what we deliver is what your business needs. The process is also comprehensive to ensure that every detail is taken into account thus avoiding future failures. The first step involves carrying out a requirement analysis to identify your business needs and also the needs of your target market. We will then carry out a concept design as per the results of our requirement analysis. The application is then developed and deployed for use as per your needs. We will then conduct functional and non-functional testing on your application to identify whether it meets the stipulated needs. This thus assures you of the best solution for your business.

We offer application maintenance services to ensure that your application is functioning well as desired. We also improve the existing applications by transforming them to meet emerging technological advancements. This is to ensure that you remain competitive in an agile world. Since many businesses lack the resources to continuously improve their applications, we ensure that your application functionality is enhanced by periodic performance monitoring and speedy resolution of the issues that may arise.


  • At Pithline, one is able to reduce costs associated with applications development and maintenance. Since this is a process that requires numerous resources in terms of technical expertise and other costs, Pithline ensures you minimize these costs and enjoy maximum benefits. You will enjoy the benefits of a large team of experts working with you at affordable pricing. Since we will also offer frequent maintenance services, you do not have to employ daily experts to maintain the systems.
  • We also ensure that you use less time to develop your application. The application development life cycle is lengthy and technical and thus requires a lot of time. This can be a challenge in that if too much time is spent in developing a product, it may become outdated before even entering the market since technological changes emerge every now and then. Pithline will help you to counteract this challenge and ensure that you develop your application within the shortest time possible.
  • With Pithline you are able to develop an Application that will remain competitive in the market. This is due to the incorporation of emerging technology in your application. Keeping up with current technological trends will enable your business meet current market requirements. The applications will enable you to meet future needs and they are also easily subjected to any future upgrades that may be needed.
  • You will also be able to explore existing opportunities in the market that will help you advance your Application to expand your clientele base. This achieved through a portfolio analysis that will be used to identify growth opportunities that you can exploit in the market.
  • Pithline will also help you develop applications that are user friendly and easy to use. This will be achieved through ensuring that when developing the applications, we emphasize on the functionalities and the features. This ensures that users have a pleasant time when using the applications and hence you are able to retain and expand your clientele base.
  • With our highly trained team of experts who have extensive experience, you are assured of an Application Development and Maintenance service that will be very beneficial to an organization.
  • We also ensure that the applications we develop will have high reliability scores to ensure that you maintain your clientele base.
  • Pithline will also ensure that you develop applications that are easy to maintain and which will optimize scalability.


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